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Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a panel discussion featuring Shannon Garson, Linda Fahey, Gerry Wedd, and Joel Blum. The discussion was prompted by the Omnus Terra: All Lands exhibition, which was curated by Garson and Fahey. Featuring seven American and seven Australian artists, the exhibition was aimed at cultural exchange and interpretation. They said of the project, “like the scientific expeditions of the great explorers, Omnus Terra reaches out to far flung nations bringing a cargo of exotic, mysterious, mesmerizing objects to a foreign shore. The artists explore the relationship between their landscape, ceramic history and culture, questioning the historical tropes of the ceramic medium through form and material.” The panel was recorded live in Portland, OR at Gallery 114 in conjunction with the 2017 NCECA conference.


For more information about Shannon Garson visit www.shannongarsonporcelain.com.au. For more information on Linda Fahey visit www.yondershop.com. For more information on Gerry Wedd search @gerrywedd on Instagram. For more information on Joel Blum visit www.fetishghost.wordpress.com.


This episode of the podcast is sponsored by AMACO, your one-stop-shop for all your ceramic needs. To find out more visit www.AMACO.com.

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