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Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Linda Christianson. Working in rural Minnesota, Christianson makes wood fired pottery that is simple and direct. Embracing process marks she often utilizes graceful throwing lines and meandering trimmed edges as a core part of her aesthetic. Christianson’s soft touch remains visually intact even after the pots enter the harsh environment of a wood fired kiln. In the interview we talk about working through self-doubt, digging into the unknown for new ideas, and living in a rebuilt 19th century log cabin. For more information on her work please visit www.christiansonpottery.com.

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Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Mark Pharis. Known for his striking geometric vessels, Pharis has developed a system for slab building soft forms using templates and computer aided drafting. In the interview we talk about the influence of Warren Mackenzie, understanding the “inside hand” in ceramics and developing atmospheric surfaces for the electric kiln. In addition to his studio practice, Pharis is a Professor of Art at the University of Minnesota, where he has been teaching since 1985. For more information on Pharis please see his feature article in the November 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Randy Johnston.  A working potter since the early 1970’s Johnston has been instrumental in the development of wood fired kiln technology in the United States. His early ceramic education included study with Warren MacKenzie and Shimaoka Tatsuzo, both noted potters influenced by the Mingei philosophy. Throughout his career Johnston has made functional and sculptural vessels that combine these early influences with an interest in African wood sculpture and the drawings of Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline.


In the interview we talk about working in Mashiko, Japan in the 1970’s, digesting the influence of another culture, and the growth of wood firing in North America. For more information on the Randy please visit www.mckeachiejohnstonstudios.com.

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