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Oct 14, 2016

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler I talk with author and gallerist Mark Del Vecchio. In partnership with Garth Clark, he opened the Garth Clark Gallery in Los Angeles in 1981, before moving to New York in 1983 to direct their iconic West 57th Street location. For almost three decades he managed the gallery helping to promote and shape a generation of American ceramic artists. Del Vecchio has written numerous articles and published Postmodern Ceramic, a widely used ceramic text in art schools. Mark now lives in Santa Fe, NM where he is the curator of ceramics for Peter’s Projects.


In the interview we talk about the NY gallery scene in the 80’s and 90’s, the rise of the Vessel Oriented Ceramic Object and building a collector base for a gallery. For more information please visit


This episode of the podcast is sponsored by the Democratic Cup project. Dismayed by the toxic rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign artists Ayumi Horie and Nick Moen joined together to bridge the gap between the polarized sides of our current political spectrum. The Democratic Cup is a fundraising campaign that supports progressive causes through the sale of limited-edition handmade cups designed by a passionate team of renowned illustrators and potters. Icons, heroes, and conversation-starters like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bell Hooks, Sojourner Truth, and Bernie Sanders adorn each cup. To find out more or to purchase a cup please visit