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Apr 17, 2020

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Kate Johnston. She uses local materials to make highly decorated pots that are fired in a wood kiln outside of Seagrove, NC. Her work is boldly patterned with botanical imagery drawn from art deco design. In our interview we talk about developing design rules to guide one’s work in the studio, the romance of NC pottery traditions, techniques for making large pots, and the benefits of competition and cooperation in a tight-knit pottery community like Seagrove. To see examples of her work visit You can also find out more about Kate’s newly opened studio and gallery at


On today’s AMACO Community Corkboard we have the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. CERF+ was started by artists for artists in the craft community as a grassroots mutual aid effort in 1985 and has since emerged as the leading nonprofit organization that uniquely focuses on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods. To find out more about emergency relief, career protection tools and other resources visit


I want to give a shout out to KC Clay Guild for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. KC Clay Guild has been supporting ceramic artists and providing a space to work in Kansas City, Missouri since 1988. I encourage you to apply for the 11th Annual KC Clay Guild Teabowl National before their June 26th deadline. Sam Chung is this year’s juror and prizes include purchase and equipment awards, as well as gift certificates totaling over $1000. Find out more and apply today at


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