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May 6, 2020

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Carrie Cleveland. She works in disaster-preparedness education and outreach for the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. CERF+ was started by artists for artists in the craft community in 1985 and has since emerged as the leading nonprofit organization that uniquely focuses on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods. In our interview we talk about the Cares Act legislation and resources available to artists to help with the financial impact of the COVID pandemic. To find out more about emergency relief, career protection tools, and other resources visit


On today’s AMACO Community Corkboard we have the 28th Annual Saint Croix Valley Pottery Tour, May 8-10. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak the tour will be held online with shops going live on May 8th at 10 am CDT. For more information visit or follow @stcroixvalleypotterytour on Instagram for previews and updates.

I’d like to thank Amaco/Brent for sponsoring the community corkboard. Brent Equipment is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year and have created a Limited Edition Black CXC wheel. For more information visit


Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, we are embarking on our ninth season of the show starting this May. To support the new season, we are having a spring fund drive. Throughout the year I receive emails from fans who talk about how this podcast helps them connect with other artists around the world. One recent listener said, “I appreciate all the voices you give a platform to, especially amazing women like Naomi Clement.” Giving voice to the many generations of ceramics artists that are working today is my mission, and I need your help to accomplish it. Our goal for the month of May is to raise $3,000 to support our production costs. You can get involved by making a donation through the Pay Pal donation portal at or by making a monthly pledge at