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Jul 9, 2020

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Carleigh Queenth. Through her position as the specialist head of European ceramics and glass at the Christie’s Auction House in New York City, she researches, documents, and facilitates the sale of historical porcelain. In our interview we talk about the sale cycle of an auction house, the European quest for porcelain, and the factory system used for making the first European porcelains. For more information on Carleigh follow her on Instagram at

On today’s Amaco Community Corkboard we have the Ceramic Arts Reading Group. The group seeks mud artists of all stripes, from the glaze riffraff to the iron rabble, to form a ceramic arts reading group for women and non-cis gender men. This monthly reading group will be dedicated to creative, lively, and intellectually rigorous art theory discussions. The group chooses texts and material that are directly relevant and meaningful to the personal art practices of the members. They encourage you to join them to share and unravel ideas! Plant the metaphorical seed and hatch the allegorical egg! For more information on the reading group write to them at (that's ceramic arts, with an 's').