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Sep 10, 2020

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Sara Truman. After teaching in a variety of classroom environments she has been focused for the past seven years on being a high school ceramics teacher. In our interview we talk about mentoring students inside and outside of the classroom, the founding of the Intersections think tank for K-12 art educators, and starting a community-based studio to serve Gainesville, FL. To see examples of her work and more information about Intersections visit


On today’s Amaco Community Corkboard we have a fundraising effort to support three artists and their families who have been affected by the CZU Lightning Complex Wildfires in California. Jon and Liz Payne, Sam and Sarah Clarkson, and Andy Ruble have all lost homes in the recent wildfires. To find links to their individual Go Fund Me campaigns visit


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