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Nov 13, 2019

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with ceramic artist James Whiting. After living in Japan for many years he developed a love for ceramics that guided him into his own studio practice. James makes hand built vessels that are finished with nerikomi, embossing, and other compelling surface techniques. He is also the director of the Berkeley Potter’s Studio, which has grown from 25 to 425 members during his tenure. In the interview we talk about best practices for safety, staffing and member growth in a community studio. For more information on James visit


To start the show, we also have a new song from The Painted Horses. Their self-titled album was just released including the song All the Pines in the West, which is featured on today’s show. For more information visit and listen back to episode 134 of the podcast, which features an interview and live-in-studio performance.


For today’s AMACO Community Corkboard we have the Berkeley Potter’s Studio Holiday Sale happening December 6-8th. The sale features work by over fifty participating artists and takes place at their location at 1221 8th Street in Berkeley, Ca. For more info visit I’d like to thank Amaco/Brent for sponsoring the community corkboard. Brent Equipment is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year and have created a Limited Edition Black CXC wheel. For more information visit


Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, the most common feedback I get from you is that this podcast helps you feel connected to other artists. We live in a divided time and many of us are working by ourselves in solitary studios. The podcast combats that feeling of isolation by fostering a sense of community, while also providing an archive of our field. At this point our Patreon sustaining membership program and our sponsors contribute less than half of our monthly budget of $2000, which goes to promotion, production costs, and labor. My wife and I kick in the rest, which we do out of love for the project, but as you can imagine we could really use your help. The goal of our Fall Fund Drive is to raise $12,000 for the next year.


I care deeply about this community, and I think art and making are vital to our world, now more than ever. I’m guessing you feel the same, so if you are able please donate to the show. Recurring donations are best because it allows us to create a stable budget, but one-time donations are also very helpful. You can find out more about these two options at Before I go, I want to ask one more favor. After you make your donation ask a friend to match your pledge with their own. Word of mouth is the best call to action, so I ask that you help me, by encouraging your friends and studio mates to support the show. With your help I can keep producing the interviews you have come to love.