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Sep 6, 2023

Today on the show I talk with Amy Sanders and Gleidymar Rivera. They were chosen for the AVPT Early Career Fellowship for BIPOC Ceramic Artists, a program started this year to provide financial support and mentorship. In our interview we talk about their style of making, balancing labor-intensive practices with the need to make a living, and how they prepared for their first major sale at the Asparagus Valley Pottery Tour last April. The deadline for this year’s AVPT fellowship is October 1st and you can apply through


Over the past few years major changes have been happening in ceramic departments across the U.S. As of the release of this episode, the president of West Virginia University has proposed shutting down their ceramic department along with other visual arts programs. If you would like to show your support for the program visit To find out more about the proposed cuts visit Studio Potter to read an article by WVU ceramic professor Shoji Satake.


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The Michiana Pottery Tour happening September 23 and 24

The Bray

The Rosenfield Collection of Functional Ceramic Art